Radiolabeled immunoglobulin therapy in patients with Hodgkin’s disease

Radiolabeled Immunoglobulin Therapy in Patients with Hodgkin’s Disease

Vriesendorp HM, Quadri SM.
Cancer Biother Radiopharm. 2000 Oct;15(5):431-45.

Translational research supports the use of radiolabeled antiferritin for recurrent Hodgkin’s disease. A 60% tumor response rate is obtained after treatment of out-patients with polyclonal radiolabeled antiferritin. Hodgkin’s disease masses shrink after radiolabeled antiferritin treatment due to the radiation delivered by the radioimmunoconjugate. Unlabeled antiferritin does not cause tumor shrinkage.

Hodgkin’s disease provides unique opportunities for the development and optimization of radiolabeled immunoglobulin therapy for other malignancies as well. Radiolabeled Immunoglobulin Therapy is a useful addition to the cancer treatment armamentarium due to its high therapeutic ratio: high tumor response rates with side effects limited to hematopoetic tissues.