Phase2Therapy (P2T) wants to develop better drugs faster and for less money. We assist independent clinical medical investigators in performing Phase2studies. We are an ‘open source’, not for profit organization.

P2T promotes the exchange of knowledge by making results of P2T projects available while the project has not been completed yet. Other investigators and regulatory agencies can consult the anominized P2T data bank on login name and password.

P2T is a team of international scientific and medical specialists. The diversity in expertise and culture is essential for our success. Meet our team.

Overview of various P2T research publications and opinion articles.


Fifty years ago North American oncologists defined 5 sequential phases in clinical cancer research, which are now used for the development of all new drugs. However these 5 phases take too long, are too expensive and deliver too few new drugs. This requires change, which can be achieved by the P2T approach.


Phase2Therapy incorporates expertise of scientists and clinicians from among others The Netherlands, Great Britain, Lebanon and the United States. This diversity in talents, languages and cultures is essential for our success.

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